No Cookie Diet (or any other diet) is necessary when you use weight loss self-hypnosis. After yo-yo dieting most of my life and having tried many of the fad diets, I know that diets don’t work! At the Bainbridge Island weight loss and Seattle weight loss offices of Slender For Life™, we don’t diet. In fact, Slender For Life™ clients learn hypnosis for weight loss and create a new relationship with themselves and a new relationship with food. You too can learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis.

I read this October 22,2009, NY Times article, A Few Cookies a Day to Keep the Pounds Away? and had to share it with you. Here is an excerpt from the article: “COOKIES? On a diet? Apparently so. Just ask Christina Kane, who has tried everything from the grapefruit diet to Atkins, with no success. Then she heard about Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, which involves eating six prepackaged cookies a day, plus one ‘real’ meal — say, skinless chicken and steamed vegetables.

“I thought, ‘That diet looks so incredibly easy,’ ” said Ms. Kane, 43, a legal secretary in Washington, who started paying $56 a week for the prepackaged cookies in June, when she weighed 255 pounds. Three months later, she was 40 pounds lighter. “If you can make it through the first week you’re in the clear,” she said.

Ms. Kane is one of an estimated 500,000 people who have lost weight on Dr. Sanford Siegal’s diet — at least according to Dr. Siegal. The gist of it is simple: Eat cookies and lose up to 10 pounds a month.

Or, in blunter terms: Consume a substance whose ingredients and nutritional value are somewhat vague and drop weight, because how can you not when you’re only consuming 800 to 1,000 calories a day?

The popularity of cookie diets is hardly surprising in this culture of quick fixes. Who wouldn’t want to exert the minimal effort to get long-lasting results? Who wouldn’t want to lose weight by consuming something verboten on most diets?

“The Cookie Diet is very appealing, because it legalizes a food — the cookie — that is banned from most weight-loss programs,” said Jenni Schaefer, author of “Goodbye Ed, Hello Me: Recover From Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love with Life” (McGraw-Hill, 2009).

“The diet gives people a false sense of control, simplifying balanced nutrition into one food: the cookie,” she added.

Critics of cookie diets are not convinced. Weight-loss plans that center around a diet of below 1,000 calories do not, they say, lead to long-lasting weight loss and can result in potassium deficiency, gallstones, heart palpitations, weakened kidney function and dizziness.

Some nutritionists don’t think you should embark on the program at all. “The bottom line is that you can’t meet your nutritional needs in six cookies and one meal a day. It’s not possible,” said Keri Gans, a registered dietitian in New York City.

“Any diet that names one particular food or food group in its title — Ice Cream Diet, Whipped Cream Diet, Low Carb Diet — is likely to be unbalanced and short-lived,” said Bonnie Taub-Dix, national spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

“For weight loss to stick, you have to be able to settle into an eating pattern that you can adhere to over time,” said Suzanne Havala Hobbs, a clinical associate professor at the Gillings School of Global Public Health, at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. “That eating pattern needs to provide you with all the nutrients you need while holding calories in balance with the number you expend.” Read A Few Cookies a Day to Keep the Pounds Away? in its entirety.

Diets don’t work, so get my book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set and create a new relationship with yourself and a new relationship with food. Stop the insanity – no more yo-yo dieting and no more fad diets. Visit my Bainbridge Island weight loss or Seattle weight loss office in person or call me and find out if weight loss self-hypnosis is for you.

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