SFL RecipesI am excited that I found these 13 no dairy ice cream recipes. I can’t wait to have my 2 youngest granddaughters come for the weekend – we will be experimenting with some of these recipes that claim to be better than the real thing. Rich deserts like ice cream have there place at tribal feast and hot summer days. These ice cream recipes make this possible without having to consume the dairy products that cause obesity and disease. Parties in the mouth are wonderful things and something that we all can enjoy in a healthy way.

13 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes That Are Better Than The Real Thing

The Huffington Post, By Julie R. Thomson, June 1, 2015: Ice cream is, at its very core, a dairy-rich dessert. It has not been a friend to the lactose intolerant or vegans, which doesn’t seem fair when you consider how very amazing this frozen treat is to eat. Luckily, it turns out that cream is not actually necessary to make our beloved ice cream at all. You can churn a delicious batch without a single drop of dairy.

We’re not talking about ice cream made with banana substitutes here, either. While those simple recipes do have their time and place, they don’t quite hit the spot when a real craving for ice cream hits. Nope, we found recipes out there that won’t make you miss the dairy for a second. These vegan ice creams are sometimes even be better than the real thing. Seriously.

Read 13 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes That Are Better Than The Real Thing

Last week it was sauerkraut. This weeks it’s ice cream. What plant based recipe do you have to share for next week?

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