No more arthritis pain

“I never thought it would be possible,” said Sharon, “to have no more pain from rheumatoid arthritis.” But I can honestly say that in the last six months I have not experienced the swelling, inflammation and pain that I once suffered.

I really get excited when Sharon and other clients share with me how their life has been enhanced as a result of using the Greatest Expression of You process.

Recently I saw Sharon on the ferry to Seattle. Sharon had been a client for several months in 2015 and 2016. She came to me for weight loss hypnosis. Sharon was about 50 pounds overweight. I remember when I first met her she had a difficult time standing up and she walked like she was stiff and sore. Sometimes she groaned as she sat down.

Sharon loved the self-hypnosis, stress reduction and mindfulness techniques that I taught her. She started sleeping better after our first session and noticed immediately that her cravings for butter, cheese and ice cream were gone. A few weeks later she realized that she couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten meat and she hadn’t even missed it.

No more arthritis pain

No more pain

Use the Greatest Expression of You diligently

When she began learning the Greatest Expression of You process she used it diligently. It helped her improve her relationship with herself, her son and her sister. Her attitude at work changed. Her boss and colleagues noticed and rewarded her with a promotion and pay raise.

Sharon has now been at her goal weight for almost a year. She walks several miles each week and goes to the gym and to yoga. Standing up, sitting down, bending over and walking are all really easy for her. The swelling and inflammation are gone. And she just signed up for a swing dancing class.

While Sharon loves being at her healthy goal weight and wearing size 5 clothes for the first time since high school, the best part, she says, is that there is “no more arthritis pain!”

Sharon has become attuned to her body. She notices the first signs of stiffness or discomfort and she immediately stops and focuses on being her best self. She has learned that when she is stressed or has not been giving herself the best care, her body starts signaling her to pay attention. Sharon told me that as soon as she stops and meditates on being her best self, memorizes the joy in her life and mentally rehearses being her best self, the discomfort is gone.

Happy, filled with laughter and joy

I remember when I first met Sharon she described herself as a stressed and angry person. Today, she is relaxed, happy and filled with laughter and joy.

As an act of love and caring, Sharon shares this Greatest Expression of You process with everyone she can. She forwards these Sunday posts to family and friends and she loves to share her own experiences of being her best self with them.

I love hearing stories like Sharon’s. Please share your own experiences with us. You can either post it in the comment section below or you can email it to me. If you send an email, let me know if I can share your story and if I can use your name.

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I am relaxed, happy and filled with laughter and joy!


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