Dr. John McDougall is famous for his line, “the fat you eat is the fat you wear,” so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he says no oil. And no, fish oil, olive oil, flax seed and coconut oils are not health foods! I love it when Slender For Life™ weight loss clients tell me how much better they feel and how much better their skin is now that they avoid oils and no longer cook with oils.

It’s amazing how quickly you feel so much healthier you feel when you live a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to easily give up the Standard American Diet that makes you fat and sick and choose the plant-based foods that are proven to make you slender and healthy.

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Practical Ways to Eliminate Oils in Cooking

  • Don’t add vegetable oils when cooking
  • Use non-stick pots and pans
  • Brown or soften vegetables in water
  • Sauté with non-fat liquids
  • Replace oil in baking with fruit or tofu
  • Use commercial fat-replacers
  • Lighten texture with carbonated water

Detailed information on cooking without oil

This week, I will be seeing clients in my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge weight loss offices and online in 5 states, Europe, Africa, Canada, South America, China and Australia via the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office. No matter where you may live, you too can take advantage of hypnosis for weight loss so that you choose healthy meals every day.


Read When Friends Ask” Why Do You Avoid Adding Vegetable Oils? by John McDougall, M.D.


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