Normal way of being

This was shared with me by someone who created a new normal way of being:

“It’s been just over two years since I had my first appointment with you. I came to you because I was depressed, anxious and angry. I was snapping at my wife, kids and employees. Even I didn’t like me.

I wasn’t sure what to think when you started talking about neuroplasticity and the Greatest Expression of me. But, when you showed me how quickly I can move from depressed to joyful, you had me hooked.

By the time of our third session, I’d been using my Greatest Expression for just over a month. My wife commented that she had noticed a big change in me and that I was pleasant to be with again.

I noticed a big difference in my mood on days when I blew it off. If I didn’t memorize joy and use self-hypnosis, I became for stressed and irritable. When I used the tools you were teaching me, I was happier and enjoyed life.

It’s now been about 18 months since I last saw you. I want you to know that I am a very different man today. I have fun with my wife and kids. We laugh. I’m loving life. I have become a boss that lifts employees up rather than looking for opportunities to beat them down.

The Greatest Expression process has become a family affair. The five of us use this process to start our day. At dinner we share the joys that we experienced during the day. We’ve gone from a walking on egg shells house to a loving fun house.

Being happy and relaxed has become my normal way of being. I and my family thank you!”

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am happy and relaxed. I laugh, I love and I lift people up.

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