Not just for lacrosse

“Mr. Moore, the Greatest Expression is not just for lacrosse!” he exclaimed. I was on the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle when a young man in his 20’s identified himself to me.

He looked familiar and when he said his name I remembered him. (I will call him Bob). He had been a captain on the Bainbridge Boys lacrosse several years before.

I’ve had the privilege and honor of being the sports psychology coach for our island’s lacrosse team since 2010. It’s been fun for me when I’ve had the chance to connect with they guys as they went through college, started a career, got married and have children of their own.

As we talked during the crossing, Bob shared with me that while he never played lacrosse after high school. But, he said that he continues to use the self-hypnosis and Greatest Expression of You techniques that I taught to the team.

He said that he used them to get through college and now in his career. And, they have proven valuable in his relationships – especially showing up as his best self with his fiancé.

What’s your intention for today?

Intention for the day

He still has his Greatest Expression posted on his bathroom mirror and uses it to create his intention for the day every morning. At first, his fiancé didn’t know what to think. But he explained it to her and she loved the results Bob was getting – especially that he was so purposeful in his intention to be his best self for the day. So now, she has posted her statement next to his on their bathroom mirror.

Bob grinned when he said that his fiancé was really good at gently reminding him when he wasn’t being his best self! We laughed and agreed that we need people in our lives who love us enough to help pull us up along the way.

Bob uses the stress reduction techniques that I taught to the team and he and his fiancé both listen to Orange Blossom from time to time.

He went on to say that they use the Mental Rehearsal to create a positive future fantasy of their future together. Bob said that they discuss their goals and dreams, they write them down and each has a copy. Together, they do a Mastermind and then individually Mentally Rehearse making it happen.

Over the years there have been moments when I looked at the team of teenage guys wondering if anyone was listening. They are! Hearing stories like this from former lacrosse team members is one of the many wonderful rewards that I receive for volunteering with these guys and gives me hope for the future.

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My intention for today is to be my Best Self!

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