Not Whole-Grain Mac ‘n Cheese

In spite of their marketing, Kraft is not whole-grain mac’n cheese. When I was in the grocery store the other day and a woman that I know stopped me in an isle and showed me a container of microwaveable mac’n cheese and asked if it was a good meal for her kids. I had never looked at these tubs so I was intrigued with the idea and I was curious to see what the packaging was trying  to sell.

The convenience of just adding hot water is something that I understand. I don’t have a problem with that. I sometimes do that with McDougall’s oatmeal or the McDougall soups. It’s quick, and meets the need of quick fuel for my body.

The first thing I noticed was that in big bold letters, it reads “Whole Grains” and then in small font is says that it’s only 50% whole grains. The mom I was chatting with was not happy when I pointed that out to her.

I had assumed it had cheese in it and I know how unhealthy cheese and other dairy products are for children and adults. But, I was wrong. The cheese sauce mix is made with a bunch of gunk that I wouldn’t my grandkids to eat. I also had her look at the sodium content and with that she said, “Thank you,” and put it back on the shelf and moved on with her shopping.


Not Whole-Grain Mac ‘n Cheese

Whole food plant-based lifestyle

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Kraft mac ‘n cheese is not that healthy

Mac and Cheese

Here is a Mac and Cheese recipe that is made with real food. You can feel good about serving this to your kids and grandkids.

Not Whole-Grain Mac ‘n Cheese

Kraft's Not-exactly-Whole-Grain Mac 'n Cheese

Fooducate, July 17, 2013: “A 2 ounce serving of half-Whole-Grain mac n cheese 220 calories. Despite being half whole grain, it does have 3 grams of fiber (12% of the daily requirement). Sodium is high – 480 mg, which 20% of the daily max – especially considering the relatively small portion size. Saturated fat, always a concern when cheese is around, is not that bad – 2 grams (10% of the daily max). Again, this is a small portion.”

Read Kraft’s Not-exactly-Whole-Grain Mac ‘n Cheese


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