Nurturing the bonds between us

I think that nurturing the bonds between us is a urgent worldwide priority. In recent years, we have become more divided and disconnected than I can remember in my lifetime.

Worldwide, anxiety is high. More than 1 in every 3 American adults are experiencing depression. The prevalence of  disease is increasing and suicide rates are up. Three out of five Americans are lonely. We need to nurture each other now more than ever.

We have more in common

No matter what our religious, political, language, or ethnic differences may be, we still have more in common than we do differences.

I believe in love, hope and in being kind. And I believe that we can still nurture the bonds between us.

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You

My book, Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, is all about using using self-hypnosis and other mindfulness techniques to be your best self. Nurturing the bonds between us begins within each of us. When you are being your best self you can open your heart and your mind to what we have in common.


Nurturing the bonds between us

Depth of connection

Scrolling through TikTok recently I came upon a post by Cory Booker. In the post he speaks about the importance of nurturing the bonds between us. 

He tells us that the 5 things that lead to a healthy life of wellbeing and fulfillment are:

  1. Diet 
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress reduction
  5. Most importantly – Our depth of connection to others.

I invite you to be your Best Self and nurture the bonds between us.

This post isn’t about politics. I invite you to set a side all political views and simply listen.

@corybooker I believe in the power of teams. Here is to rugged individualism and self-reliance. But rugged individualism didn't beat the Nazis or get us to the moon or map the human genome. We did those things because of our teams. Since I began in sports I have believed in the acronym: TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More. I love the examples all throughout nature: "By flying together in a v-formation, scientists estimate that a flock of birds can fly about 70% farther with the same amount of energy than if each bird flew alone. Birds have learned that they can reach their destination more quickly and with less energy expended when they fly together in formation. The same is true for teams. Teams that share a common direction and goal will get to their destination quicker and with less effort working together versus as a collection of individuals each doing their own thing." Our nation is a team. And yet our sense of common purpose, trust, empathy, sacrifice for the common good and our ability to come together, work together, and stay together for the common cause is facing serious challenges. I will always bet on team America. We urgently need more people who are not just on the team (we all are) but also for the team. The same goes for team humanity and team earth. #CoryStories #Stuck #Teamwork ♬ original sound - Cory Booker

Guidebook to life

“Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is truly a guidebook to life. The mind is a powerful resource which we all need to understand and use in a constructive and not self-destructive way. Roger’s book can guide you and coach you to find your inner talents and potential. Read it and you will find your path to a healthier and healed life and body. I know from experience what he says is the way.”

 ~Bernie Siegel, MD author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and No Endings Only Beginnings

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You

Wisdom of the past

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You shows you how you can use the wisdom of your past to write a new script for your life based on the current moment in your life, so you can create a future greater than your past. With this book you’ll discover that you can live your life joyfully and value each moment of your life as fully as possible.

Love unconditionally

Read this book to find joy, free up your innate ability to love unconditionally, and live each moment of your life as fully as possible.” ~Karen Wyatt MD Author of 7 Lessons for Living from the Dying; host of End-of-Life University Podcast

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I nurture the bonds between us.

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