Calorie Desnity

The concept if nutrient-rich foods, or calorie density, is important for anyone wanting to lose weight. Since 1997, I have supported people with hypnosis for weight loss as they transition to vegan, or plant-based lifestyle and I have frequently talked about nutrient-rich foods.

According to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, May 2012, “there is strong and consistent evidence in adults showing that consuming a diet higher in calorie density is associated with increased body weight, while consuming a diet that is relatively low in calorie density improves weight loss and weight maintenance.”  In addition, it also found that diets low in calorie density are also automatically higher in nutrient density and overall diet quality.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Makes it EASY

Weight loss hypnosis makes living a vegan lifestyle easy. The good news is that vegan or plant-based foods are nutrient dense. You can freely eat vegetables and fruit.

Starchy Veggies, Intact Whole Grains and Legumes are moderate in calorie density and you can eat relatively large portions without concern.

Starchy Veggies, Intact Whole Grains and Legumes should be limited because they are high in calorie density and Nuts, Seeds, Oils, Solid Fats, Junk Foods should be very limited as they are very high in calorie density.

You too can learn hypnosis for weight loss so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

Jeff Novick says, “The beauty of calorie density is that it frees us from all these numbers and having to count, portion weigh and/or measure anything. So, don’t get caught up in the numbers and for those who do not like numbers, just understand the principle.”

Nutrient-rich foods are important because they are healthy, prevent disease and help you to lose weight.

A Common Sense Approach To Sound Nutrition

By Jeff Novick: “Calorie density is simply a measure of the amount of calories in a given weight of food, most often expressed as calories per pound. A food high
in calorie density provides a large amount of calories in a small weight of food, whereas a food low in calorie density has much fewer calories for the same weight of food. Therefore, for the same number of calories, one can consume a larger portion of a food lower in calorie density than a

food higher in calorie density. On a day-to-day basis, people generally eat a similar amount of food, by weight. Therefore, choosing foods with a lower calorie density allows us to consume our usual amount of food (or more) while reducing our caloric intake.”

Read A Common Sense Approach To Sound Nutrition

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I fill my plate with nutrient-rich food.

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