SFL RecipesNutrition for kids is this weeks Slender For Life™ recipe resource to reverse and prevent childhood obesity. Eating healthy can be easy and fun for you and for your family. Childhood obesity is reversible and preventable and one of my goals in life is to do just that. I truly believe that together we can provide the education to parents, families and schools to end this unconscionable epidemic. Healthy eating and being more active is a family affair and it is up to Dad and Mom to be parents and lead the way. Your kids should grow up filled with energy, vitality and radiant health.

If up don’t have kids or your kids are grown, you may be wondering why you should care. Well, for starters, the healthcare costs of the diseases related to obesity are bankrupting the United States. We simply can’t afford to allow children to be abused with unhealthy food. What can you do? Stop buying processed foods and sugary drinks and stop eating in fast food restaurants. Let your wallet cast your vote.

Nutrition for kids

Childhood Obesity: People who maintain a healthy weight throughout life stay well and live longer than those who are overweight. The lifestyle habits that help keep us slim—exercise and a healthy diet—also cut our risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers.

How to Go Veg: Chock full of important nutrients needed for growth and good health, a vegetarian diet is also very tasty and easy to prepare. In fact, most people already prepare simple and delicious vegetarian dishes that children love like bean burritos, pasta with marinara sauce, vegetable stir-fries, and vegetable soup.

Helpful Tips & Hints: Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard work. When children eat healthful foods and stay physically active, their bodies find their way to a healthy size and shape in a pleasurable and sustainable way.

Nutrition for Kids has resources to support you and your family with a healthy plant based lifestyle.

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