Nutrition PostcardUC Davis’s Nutrition Postcard is adapted from Should I Eat That: How To Choose The Healthiest Foods, by Jeff Novick, MS, RD. It is an excellent reference guide to help you to understand how to read a food label. I’m adding it to my phone and tablet so that when people ask me nutritional label questions I can use it as a guide to show to them. This is an excellent cheat sheet to help you to educate you children and for when the nutritional label conversations present themselves with family and friends. Be the one in the know with this Nutrition Postcard which is the latest addition to the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

Nutrition Postcard


Download Nutrition Postcard here

You may already know that I advocate voting with your wallet. When you purchase products using this Nutrition Postcard you are casting your vote for health and wellness. So I urge you to give yourself the time to read food labels. Or, better yet, choose fresh whole grains, vegetables and fruit – they don’t have nutrition labels!

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I give myself the time to read food labels.

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