Nutritional psychiatry

I find it exciting that there is a growing interest in nutritional psychiatry and plant-based lifestyles. One thing that I have noticed over the years is that people who end their relationship with the Standard American Diet (SAD) and start living a plant-based lifestyle feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

People constantly report feeling better, having more energy, thinking with more clarity and generally feeling happier. Hypnosis can help you have a large amount of no desire the foods that make you fat and sick and help you create healthy desires for whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Healthy lifestyle changes can be easy so you can keep your mind healthy and active.

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Nutritional psychiatry

Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Depression

Dr, Michael Greger MD FACLM: “Where else does inflammation come from in our diet? Endotoxins. It’s worth reviewing how the endotoxins in animal products can cause a burst of inflammation within hours of consumption. What does that do to our mood? If you inject endotoxin into people, within a few hours, inflammation shoots up, and so do feelings of depression, as well as feelings of social disconnection from people.

Although previous research has demonstrated that inflammatory activity contributes to depressive symptoms, no work in humans has examined the effect of experimentally induced inflammation on anhedonia, the lack of reaction to pleasurable stimuli, a key diagnostic feature of depression. No work has been done, that is, until now. Within hours of endotoxin hitting their bloodstream, these experimental subjects not only started to feel depressed, but they had significant reductions in activity in the reward center of the brain. They were less excited about winning money playing video games, for example, in the study.

But by eliminating animal products, and eating antioxidant rich diets, we may be able to prevent or treat depression.”

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New research shows that vegetarian diets improve mood

“The authors of the study suggest that consuming a diet high in meat, fish and poultry may negatively impact mental state while vegetarian diets improve mood and reduce stress. The positive effects of vegetarian diets are attributed to the differences in the types of fats consumed as well as to the higher intake of antioxidants – stress reducing substances found in plant-based foods.

The results have been welcomed by health charity, Viva!Health, who have been leading a series of lectures during the last year on the effect food can have on your mood.

Viva!Health founder & director and nutritional therapist, Juliet Gellatley, says: ‘”It is widely proven that vegetarian and vegan diets are fantastic for your health, in terms of reducing your chances of developing some of the UK’s biggest killer diseases. But plant-based diets are also packed with all the vitamins and nutrients we need for good brain health – and subsequently good mood – as shown in this recent study. We believe it is vital that people experiencing mood disorders are encouraged to take a close look at their diet – and consider what a difference cutting out animal products and consuming more fruit and vegetables could make to their mental health.”‘

Read New research shows that vegetarian diets improve mood

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