Report Warns Of Problems With Multivitamins

It seems that the topic du jour this week is nutritional supplements. Rather than focusing on supplements, I’d rather focus on healthy eating. When you eat a well-balanced plant-based diet, you are getting the nutrients that you need. There is one possible exception, and that is vitamin B-12. If you are someone who thinks that you hate vegetables or that it would be too hard to get your nutrients through plant-based food, then I urge you to consider hypnosis. You can easily learn self-hypnosis and discover the wonderful flavors and textures of plant-based meals.

I never sell or even recommend nutritional supplements. In part because I don’t believe in them and never take them, in part because it is outside my scope of practice and in part because I never up-sell to my clients. Clients pay me good money and I am not going to push something else on them. Beyond an initial program CD set, if a client needs an additional CD of mine, (stress, sleep ……) I give it to them.

Clients often come to me who have been told by a healthcare provider to take fish oil supplements to attain high levels of the essential fatty acid DHA. Fish are the most polluted organisms. Their muscles and livers are filled with PCBs, dioxin, mercury, organocholrines, pesticides, and DDT. All these compounds provide serious health risks to humans. If you think about it, eating one fish for dinner provides you with a dose of these toxins. In the food chain, bigger fish eat smaller fish, and those bigger absorb the toxins from the smaller fish. Now if you concentrate the oil from hundreds or thousands of big fish and put it into a capsule, consuming that capsule concentrates your exposure exponentially. Even with the highly regarded molecular distillation process, products have been found to contain these detrimental compounds.

As humans, we’re designed to take our sustenance from the planet we live on, not to create supernutrients in order to survive. Nor are our bodies capable of taking massive amounts of a single substance, which is essentially what happens when we supplement. The high concentration of nutrients in supplements overloads the body. Breaking down and absorbing this vast amount is simply too much for your body to handle. One of two things happens: the extra is excreted in your urine, which is altogether wasteful, or it accumulates in your storage organs (kidneys, liver, fat), where it can ultimately reach toxic levels.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency
—the Meat-eaters’ Last Stand

Defending eating habits seems to be a primal instinct for people. These days Westerners are running out of excuses for their gluttony. Well-read people no longer believe meat is necessary to meet our protein needs or that milk is the favored source of calcium. With the crumbling of these two time-honored battle fronts the vitamin B12 issue has become the trendy topic whenever a strict vegetarian (vegan) diet is discussed. Since the usual dietary source of vitamin B12 for omnivores is the flesh of other animals, the obvious conclusion is that those who choose to avoid eating meat are destined to become B12 deficient. There is a grain of truth in this concern, but in reality an otherwise healthy strict vegetarian’s risk of developing a disease from B12 deficiency by following a sensible diet is extremely rare—less than one chance in a million.

Read Vitamin B12 Deficiency—the Meat-eaters’ Last Stand,
by Dr. John McDougall

We are sick and overweight because of the way we eat, not because of some micronutrient deficiency. You’re more likely to see someone with heart disease than scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), cancer than beriberi (thiamin deficiency), and diabetes than pellagra (niacin deficiency). You can’t counter a poor diet by taking pills. If a client really wants nutritional supplements I refer them to their health care provider and suggest that they do a search on supplements at Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center and form their own opinion.

The decision to take nutritional supplements is yours. Check with your health care provider and check out the facts. If you choose to use supplements, make sure that they are of high quality and of the correct dose so that your body can safely absorb these supplements. And, yes, self-hypnosis can help you change your eating preferences – if you want it to. Learn hypnosis and discover that you really can enjoy eating a plant-based diet.

Read Report Warns Of Problems With Multivitamins

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