Nuts become a topic of conversation with almost every Seattle Weight Loss Hypnosis client. Marketers have again done an amazing job at selling us on the health benefits of nuts. The repetition of the notion that nuts are a healthy snack is a powerful hypnosis suggestion that has adds more nuttiness to the Standard American Diet. (Pun intended)

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy an occasional walnut. Two or three times a year when I meet the guys at the brewery I’ll have a few peanuts. At a salad bar I may sprinkle a few shaved almonds on my salad. On a 100 mile bike ride, I may snack on a package of almonds that is provided at a rest stop.

Next time you reach for a handful of almonds you need to remember that one ounce (about 17 almonds) is 163 calories. That’s a lot of calories for so little food!


Nuts Come in Hard Shells—for Reasons

No Population Has Lived on a Nut-based Diet

John McDougall, M.D. “Primarily six foods (five of them grains): barley, maize (corn), millet, potatoes, rice, and wheat have fueled the caloric engines of human civilization.  The bulk of the energy in these storage organ foods comes from carbohydrates. They contain only small amounts of fats. Human metabolism is designed to run primarily on carbohydrates, not fats. Proof of this begins with the recognition that the human tongue tastes with pleasure only one source of calories—carbohydrates—causing us to seek this goldmine of energy. There are no pleasure sensors for fats here. The primary digestive enzymes (amylases) in the human gut are for carbohydrates (starches), not for fats. Finally, almost exclusively, carbohydrates, not fats, fuel our major organs, including the blood, liver, kidneys, and brain.”

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