Let's-lower-obese-children’s-risk-of-heart-diseasePlease, will you join with me, and let’s lower obese children’s risk of heart disease by promoting a low fat plant based diet? New research from Cleveland Clinic Children’s found that in four weeks, obese children eating a low-fat, plant-based vegan diet lowered their risk of heart disease more than those who ate a traditional heart-healthy diet.

Childhood obesity can be prevented and it is reversible. On many occasions in this and other forums I have said that we are bankrupting America with childhood obesity. As a nation, we simply cannot afford the preventable healthcare crisis that we are facing.

Childhood obesity is a family affair and children and their families can easily learn hypnosis for weight loss to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Plant-based diet may lower obese children’s risk of heart disease

As the number of obese children with high cholesterol continues to grow, researchers emphasized the importance of finding effective lifestyle modifications to help them reverse their risk factors for heart disease.

“We’ve known that plant-based diets are beneficial in adults in preventing and possibly reversing heart disease. This study shows that the same may be true in children too, though more studies are needed,” lead study author Dr. Michael Macknin, a staff pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, said in a news release. “Cardiovascular disease begins in childhood. If we can see such significant improvements in a short four-week study, imagine the potential for improving long-term health into adulthood if a whole population of children began to eat these diets regularly.”

According to the news release, children on the plant-based diet reduced their consumption of animal protein from 42 grams daily to 2.24 grams daily, while also reducing their percentage of calories from fat and saturated fat to 18 percent and 3.6 percent, respectively. Children on the AHA diet were to consume less than 30 percent of their total calories from fat, less than 7 percent of calories from saturated fat, less than 1,500 mg sodium and less than 300 mg cholesterol.

Read Plant-based diet may lower obese children’s risk of heart disease

If you have children that are overweight, now is the time for action. Please act now and send me an email or give me a call and find out how you and your family can improve your health with weight loss hypnosis.

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