Vulnerable to Food Ads

We are all vulnerable to food ads but research shows that obese kids are more vulnerable to food ads than healthy-weight children. Childhood obesity is a preventable and reversible epidemic in the U.S.

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Vulnerable to Food Ads

THE JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS, November 30. 2012: Obese children showed greater activation in some reward regions of the brain than healthy weight children when shown the food logos. Healthy weight children showed greater brain activation in regions of the brain associated with self-control, when shown food versus nonfood logos. Overall, healthy weight children self-reported more self-control than the obese children. This adds to the body of research showing that in certain situations, healthy weight individuals experience greater activation of control regions of the brain than obese individuals.

“This study provides preliminary evidence that obese children may be more vulnerable to the effects of food advertising. One of the keys to improving health-related decision-making may be found in the ability to improve self-control,” notes Dr. Bruce. Self-control training may be a beneficial addition to obesity and behavioral health interventions, and may lead to greater success in weight loss.

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