Could it be that obesity and food addictions have a genetic basis? According to new research a single gene may cause people to overeat, even to the point of obesity and diabetes. I have said for years that many of us are genetically predispositioned to being overweight – that’s the bad news. The good news is that with weight loss hypnosis you do have a choice! Just because you are genetically predispositioned to be overweight does not mean that you have to be. At Slender For Life™ I teach you the skills to overcome genetics so that you can master what you eat, how much you eat and your weight. Discover weight loss self-hypnosis.

Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) president Dr. Neal Barnard led this new study published in the journal Nutrition, which found that the Taq1gene, a variant that results in fewer dopamine receptors on brain cells, is surprisingly widespread among individuals with type 2 diabetes. Dopamine is a brain chemical associated with pleasure.

The results of the study showed that for many people is is easier to simply leave problem foods aside instead of trying to moderate their intake, It also suggests that, for some people, foods have an attraction similar to that of habit-forming drugs.

So, again, the good news is that with weight loss hypnosis you do have a choice! All Slender For Life™ clients learn the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique so that they can take back their power and have mastery over food. You no longer have to be a victim of your genetics.

If you are ready to take back your power and have mastery over the food you eat and how much you eat, then you want Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender for Life hypnosis CD set. End obesity and learn the skills of weight loss hypnosis. To better understand food addictions, read Dr. Neal Barnard‘s book, Breaking The Food Seduction.

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