Does obesity impact your quality of life? For some people, not really. Over the years in my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ I have had obese weight loss hypnosis clients who were healthy and physically active at that time. For these folks, it was at times challenging to find motivation to lose weight. But, the long-term impact of obesity can significantly reduce mobility and increase chronic pain and disease.

Health Burden of Obesity Rises

Posted on Web MD August 2, 2010: The negative impact of obesity on the quality and quantity of life more than doubled in a span of just 15 years.

The burden of obesity includes sickness due to obesity and premature death due to obesity. Physical inactivity strongly contributed to the effect of obesity on quality and quantity of life. This report is published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine – Obesity and Quality of Life: A Closer Look.

Although people are often aware of the diseases associated with obesity, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, there has been less focus on obesity’s effects on quality of life. What they are saying here is, obesity, although it causes other medical problems, also affects not just the quantity of one’s life but the quality of one’s life.

People who have obesity and hip pain develop arthritis and stop walking. They may not be a burden to the health care system, but their quality of life is markedly reduced. They can’t stand in line at the grocery store.

The effect of obesity on quality of life becomes a vicious cycle. As people get heavier, the hips hurt. They can’t exercise. When they can’t exercise, they get heavier. So don’t just assume if you are obese and don’t yet have medical problems that you are not losing quality of life. Your quality of life is at risk, as well as your quantity.

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