Is obesity a diseaseThe AMA says that obesity is a disease. What do you think? My fear is that some people will you this designation as another excuse as to why they are fat and can’t lose weight. I am genetically predisposed to being overweight. You probably are too. So what, we still have choice and we can still choose to be healthy and to be active. Eating food that makes you fat and sick is a choice. Eating healthy plant strong food is a choice. It is a choice to decide that you don’t like exercise and it is a choice to go for walk or to do some other form of physical activity. How can you use your power of choice to be at a healthy weight? Learn hypnosis for weight loss. When you use self hypnosis purposefully, you can choose to eat healthy and choose to be active. Weight loss hypnosis can change your life. Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge weight loss can help you make a healthy choice. 

AMA declares obesity a disease

Los Angeles Times, June 18, 2013: The American Medical Assn. voted Tuesday to declare obesity a disease, a move that effectively defines 78 million American adults and 12 million children as having a medical condition requiring treatment.

The nation’s leading physicians organization took the vote after debating whether the action would do more to help affected patients get useful treatment or would further stigmatize a condition with many causes and few easy fixes.

“Recognizing obesity as a disease will help change the way the medical community tackles this complex issue that affects approximately 1 in 3 Americans,” said Dr. Patrice Harris, an AMA board member.

The AMA’s decision essentially makes diagnosis and treatment of obesity a physician’s professional obligation. As such, it should encourage primary care physicians to get over their discomfort about raising weight concerns with obese patients. Studies have found that more than half of obese patients have never been told by a medical professional they need to lose weight — a result not only of some doctors’ reluctance to offend but of their unwillingness to open a lengthy consultation for which they might not be reimbursed.

The new designation follows a steep 30-year climb in Americans’ weight — and growing public concern over the resulting tidal wave of expensive health problems. Treatment of such obesity-related illnesses as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and certain cancers drives up the nation’s medical bill by more than $150 billion a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Projected increases in the obesity rate could boost that figure by an additional $550 billion over the next 20 years, a recent Duke University study concluded.

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It matters less whether we call obesity an epidemic or a disease. What is important is that we get healthy eating and activity back into everyone’s lives, especially our children. We have to do this for everybody.

I was overweight or obese most of my life. 17 years ago I weighed 110 pounds more than I do now. With hypnosis for weight loss I made choices to eat healthy foods, to be active and to use food as a fuel for my body. I also learned to deal with my emotions in a healthier way that does not involve food.

If you are ready to use your choices in a healthy way, learn weight loss hypnosis.

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My choice is to eat healthy foods and to be active.

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