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Did you know that obesity makes your fat cells act like they’re infected and that can lead to type 2 diabetes? Fat cells are for storing energy. When you fill those cells too full (eat too much) the cells become inflamed. Apparently, even fat cells don’t like too much fat! If you are dealing with too much fat and want to lose weight, hypnosis for weight loss can help you achieve your healthy goal weight and improve your healthy. At my Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss hypnosis offices I offer free weight loss hypnosis consultations. Call now.

Obesity Makes Fat Cells Act
Like They’re Infected

Newswise, March 1, 2013: The inflammation of fat tissue is part of a spiraling series of events that leads to the development of type 2 diabetes in some obese people.

The bottom line is, you’re feeding and feeding these fat cells and they’re turning around and biting you back. They’re doing the thing they’re supposed to do — storing energy — but reacting negatively to too much of it.

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