Obesity rates continue to climb and that weighs heavily on our city, state and national budgets. For the most part, obesity is preventable with lifestyle changes. We don’t have to be obese or even overweight. Making positive lifestyle changes can help overcome both personal and governmental financial crisis. I understand the seemingly impossible task of weight loss. I was overweight most of my life. Thanks to self-hypnosis, I was able to lose weight 15 years ago and I have kept it off ever since. Hypnosis for weight loss can make the difference for you. Learn hypnosis and make positive changes in your health and wealth.

Obesity Rates Weigh Down Cities’ Budgets

WebMD Health News January 28, 2011: A new study suggests that trimming high obesity rates in the nation’s most overweight cities could help local governments save more than $32 billion annually nationwide in associated health care costs.

Researchers estimate that direct health care costs associated with obesity are about $50 million each year per 100,000 residents in U.S. cities with the highest obesity rates.

If the nation’s 10 most overweight cities — each with more than a third of its residents classified as obese with a body mass index (BMI) over 30 — reduced their obesity levels to the 2009 national average of 26.5%, they could collectively save nearly $500 million in health care costs each year.

In addition to chronic health conditions, researchers say residents in the most obese cities were also more likely to report lower energy levels, which can lower productivity levels and may be another hidden economic cost of obesity.

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