If you are slender, obesity screening for all may seem a bit much, but, based on current trends, 100% of us will be overweight by the year 2050. More than 30% of U.S. adults are now obese which increases their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. In most cases, obesity and it’s related diseases are preventable with healthy eating and increased physical activity. It is exciting to me that mindfulness techniques like hypnotherapy for weight loss are not widely recognized by medical doctors as effective for long term weight loss. You can lose weight and keep it off with weight loss hypnosis at Slender For Life™.

Task Force to Doctors:
Obesity Screening for All

Experts Also Advise Counseling at-Risk Patients on Diet, Exercise

WebMD Health News, June 25, 2012: Next time you see your doctor, be prepared to be weighed and measured — and possibly referred to a weight loss program.

In an updated recommendation, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), an independent panel of experts, is recommending that doctors screen all patients for obesity. The task force also recommended universal screening in its previous 2003 recommendation, but the new one goes a step farther, says David Grossman, MD, MPH, a USPSTF member who is also medical director for preventive care at Group Health Research Institute in Seattle.

It recommends that doctors refer obese patients to intensive counseling for weight loss. “The doctor should help identify a suitable weight reduction program in their community that the doctor could refer them to,” says Grossman.

In a separate recommendation, the task force is also advising doctors to counsel certain other at-risk patients who aren’t obese about better lifestyle choices.

Both updated recommendations focus on nonsurgical interventions for excess weight, not weight loss surgery.

If referral to a weight loss program is needed, Grossman says it should be to an intensive program. Over a year, the program should offer 12 to 26 sessions, Grossman says. “Low-intensity [and] anything less than 12 sessions don’t work,” he says, citing evidence reviewed by the task force. Ideally, the programs should help patients become accountable for weight loss and maintenance. To do so, they need to learn such skills as counting calories or fat, he says.

“Really the critical thing is to maintain that weight loss after the program stops,” he says.

The USPSTF found evidence that intensive behavioral intervention for obese adults can help them lose weight and improve their risk factors for heart disease.

The task force also recommends that doctors consider counseling non-obese but at-risk patients about eating more healthfully and exercising regularly.

Read Task Force to Doctors: Obesity Screening for All

For many years the medical community has given up on the notion of weight loss and primarily focused on dispensing medications to mitigate the resulting healthy consequences like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. It is exciting to me that doctors are focusing on the cause of disease rather than just treating symptoms.

Even more exciting to me is that physicians are referring their patients for weight loss hypnosis at Slender For Life™.  Why wait for your doctor’s referral?  Call or email me now to find out how hypnosis for weight loss can change your life and improve your health. Hypnosis can help you confidently make positive changes in your life with Slender For Life™.

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