Chicken: NOT a Health Food

I found Occupy Your Diet: A Discussion About Food, Health and Kindness With Dr. Neal Barnard, by Michael Tobias, to be a well written and informative interview. Neal Barnard, MD, is the president of the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM). As you may know, I firmly believe that we should use food as our medicine and that our medicine should be our food. Much of our runaway healthcare costs today could be avoided with a healthy plant-based diet and exercise. Sadly, most people try to make lifestyle changes with willpower – which is a short burst of energy that is all too quickly used up. Self-hypnosis is proven to be an effective way to make lasting lifestyle changes. It only makes sense that you learn hypnosis and to improve your health.

Occupy Your Diet: A Discussion About Food, Health and Kindness With
Dr. Neal Barnard

Forbes, November 9, 2011, by Michael Tobias:

MT = Michael Tobias
NB = Neal Barnard

MT: Dr. Barnard, if you were asked (as I am now re-asking) to place one food item at the top of the list which, in your opinion, you would recommend be banned as a massively-consumed food item, what might it be?

NB: I would perhaps put chicken at the top of the list. Americans now eat one million chickens per hour, around nine billion every year.

MT: Why so many chickens?

NB: Because we imagine it to be some kind of health food.

MT: Is it, in your opinion?

NB: Well, collectively we are in the worst physical shape we’ve ever been in.

MT: On what basis?

NB: Our obesity rates have never been higher, and cholesterol-lowering drugs have never been so popular. In a word, we are a mess.

MT: And you are suggesting, opining – that chicken is doing what?

NB: As a doctor I am not alone in being of the belief – call it opinion, if you care to – that the intake of chicken is one – among many – drivers of the continuing increase in meat intake, that, in turn, carries its load of fat and cholesterol. These do take their toll. The problem with chicken is that it is wrongly promoted as a healthful choice, so people now eat more of it than ever.

Read Occupy Your Diet: A Discussion About Food, Health and Kindness With Dr. Neal Barnard

I have to agree with Dr. Barnard when he says that “our government is subsidizing the very foods that fuel heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.” As a nation, we need to vote with our wallets and stop buying the food that makes us and our children sick. If you have never used self-hypnosis, why not learn hypnosis and change your life. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Read Breaking the Food Seduction by Dr. Neal Barnard

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