Jeff Novick‘s video From Oil to Nuts tells the truth about fats. Slender-For-Life™ hypnosis weight loss clients often ask don’t you need good fat? If you are like most of us, it is difficult to sort through all the weight loss diets and find facts. That’s what I love about Jeff Novick; he tells the truth and makes it interesting and easy to understand.

FROM OIL TO NUTS — The Essential Facts of Fats, Oils & Nuts

It seems that every other day some new study comes out with conflicting information about fats, oils, nuts and seeds.

Are you “going nuts” trying to sort the truth from the propaganda? Are all fats created equal? Is olive oil a health food? Is the Mediterranean Diet the healthiest diet? What about the French Paradox? Are nuts and seeds good for you?

In this eye-opening lecture, Jeff will help you understand the skinny on fats.

“Fat is fat, no matter how you slice it, pour it, fry it or bake it. Jeff Novick debunks the fat myths that have been sold to an unwitting American public by the big food industry.”

~ John McDougall, MD, Founder McDougall Residential Program

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From Oil To Nuts is not yet available through the Hypnosis Health Info Store so I do not make any money by recommending it. That’s OK – I recommend it anyway! VegSource is a great resource for healthy eating.

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I substitute high fat foods with high water content foods.

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