Olive Oil Is Not Healthy for Your Heart

No, olive oil is not healthy for your heart. In spite of the fabulous job that the marketers have done to promote olive oil and fad diets, olive oil is not healthy.

And no, olive oil will not help you to lose weight. As Dr. McDougall says, “the fat you eat is the fat you wear.” Olive oil, when worn on your body looks no better than bacon fat.

The fats you need should come in nature’s original package—whole plant-based foods!

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Olive Oil Is Not Healthy for Your Heart

“It appears that the low heart disease rate associated with a Mediterranean diet is in spite of olive oil—not because of it! In other words, the ‘heart-healthy’ Mediterranean diet is due to the high consumption of whole plant foods rather than the olive oil, which usually accompanies all those vegetables. In fact, studies to measure the effects of the Mediterranean diet on endothelial function showed FMD impairment after meals rich in olive oil.”

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Rosane Oliveira, DVM, PhD

Founding Director of the UC Davis Integrative Medicine program, Forks Over Knives

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I choose whole plant-based food that keep my heart healthy.

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