One diet does fit allI heard it again the other day, “no one diet fits all.” This was a conversation going on close to me on the ferry and one person was explaining to the other why it was important to follow the blood type diet. The person who was adamantly defending her position asked me for my help in supporting her. She was disappointed in my response. I asked her if she was aware that the doctor who developed the blood type diet had no (zero) scientific evidence to support his claims. I then pulled the article Do Different People Really Need Radically Different Diets? up on my phone and emailed it to her. I don’t know if she will read it or consider that she’d been hoodwinked by another marketing ploy, but I hope that she will allow for the possibility that one diet can fit all.

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Do Different People Really Need
Radically Different Diets?

Forks Over Knives, Micaela Karlsen, MSPH, Jyly 27, 2015: The concepts of personalized medicine and personalized nutrition have really taken off. People are eating according to their blood type, their metabolic type, their Ayurvedic constitution, and their genotype. Scientific research consistently finds that our responses to food may differ in degree, which means that some people can tolerate unhealthy food better than others. However, a misguided extrapolation of this notion leads many people to imagine that our responses also differ in direction, an example being that you need a vegetarian diet while I need a low-carb diet with meat and fish. Popular opinion asserts that “everyone is different” and you need to find “the right diet for your body.”

The idea that we are uniquely individual is accurate when it comes to our personalities, our aspirations, our contributions to the world, and to some extent our biology. But it is a big leap from noting that some people’s systems can better handle stress (unhealthy food is one form of stress) to stating that some people require entirely different categories of food than others.

Human beings are one species; we are all the same animal, with the same digestive physiology. And, as is true of all species, we do not require personalized nutritional programs unless we are dealing with a specific disease or some other very unusual condition. Even then, our differences are a matter of degree, not direction.

Read Do Different People Really Need
Radically Different Diets?

Living a whole food plant based lifestyle may be radically different than your Standard American Diet, but, be hones and ask yourself, “how is my health?” And, “Am I easily sustaining my healthy ideal weight? Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to easily celebrate your humanness by living a whole food plant based lifestyle.

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