Online Hypnosis? Does it work?

Yes, online hypnosis works very successfully. I’ve been successfully conducting online counseling and hypnosis sessions since 2005.  Prior to that, I held remote sessions were held over the phone.

I have clients in several states and in several countries around the world. Many of my local Seattle clients who work for Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Starbucks or Boeing travel frequently for their work.

We may meet one week in my office, the next week online when they are in California and the next week while they are in China, Russia, France, Australia or where ever work takes them. Sometimes it’s simply that a local client is spending several winter weeks on Maui.

Online hypnosis works great for people that may only be a few miles away, but don’t want to take an hour of travel time from their busy day.

For seniors and for people who are disabled or are recovering from injury or illness and are unable to travel to my office, internet hypnosis has truly been a godsend.


Can you hypnotize someone online?

Again, the answer is “yes”.  I’ve become so used to ehypnosis sessions that I forget that we aren’t in the same office. Clients frequently tell me at the end of the first session that meeting over the internet was easy and natural for them too.

Think about it this way: When you are watching Jimmy Fallen or Seth Meyers and you burst out laughing, you are totally in TV trance. When you watch a scary movie and something scary happens and you jump, you are in that scary movie trance.

When the image of Jack from the Jack In The Box commercial comes on and you get up and go to the refrigerator even though you are not hungry, you are in trance.

And, when the first note of a song that you haven’t heard since high school comes on your car radio and you immediately start singing, you are in trance.

Being in trance is normal, natural and is easy for you to do in my office, on the phone and online.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I acknowledge the blessings I have received in my life with gratitude.

How Does
Online Hypnosis

If you’ve used Skype or FaceTime, you will find online hypnosis easy to use. When I first started remote hypnosis sessions, I used the phone and Skype.

Today, I prefer to use Adobe Connect. It’s a more secure platform that provides me more tools and allows for more flexibility in your session. All you need is a computer with a high-speed internet connection, a web cam and microphone.

FaceTime has been an excellent alternative when someone was not able to get to their computer for their session. It’s not unusual for a session to occur from a car in a parking lot.

The beauty of online hypnosis is its ease, flexibility and you can use it wherever you may be.


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Phone Hypnosis

So what if you don’t have a web cam or don’t have a fast internet connection? Then we can meet on the phone.

My first phone counseling and hypnosis session was in early 1997. A Seattle client wintered on Maui and we continued her weight loss hypnosis sessions over the phone.

In the two months she was on Maui she let go of 20 pounds!

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