Oprah weight lossI’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about Oprah and her latest weight loss effort. Over the years, many Weight Watcher participants and several Weight Watcher leaders have become Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss clients. They would start Slender For Life™ and continue using Weight Watcher food and within a few weeks everyone of them stopped using Weight Watcher products. They discovered how easy it is with weight loss hypnosis to choose whole grains, vegetables and fruit. They no longer needed expensive packaged food.

The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is just one of many organizations that are doing the scientific research and showing that a whole foods plant based lifestyle is best for your health and wellness. Since 1990, Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss has coached weight loss hypnosis clients on health benefits of plant based food. If you are ready to lose weight and this time keep if off with real food, give me a call or send me an email now.

Oprah Effect’ Should Promote
Plant-Based Diet

Neal Barnard, M.D., October 21, 2015: The “Oprah effect” has raised the profile of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite products, books, and people. And it may now lead millions of her fans to Weight Watchers—which she has recently bought a stake in. I hope that Ms. Winfrey, who knows the benefits of a vegan diet, will use her new partnership to create a program—like our 21-Day Vegan Kickstart—geared toward plant-based nutrition.

Promoting the company’s existing plant-based resources is just what Weight Watchers president and CEO Jim Chambers needs to do to kickstart the company’s shift “from focusing on weight loss alone to more broadly helping people lead a healthier, happier life.”

Ms. Winfrey did just this when she tried a vegan diet a few years ago. She wrote, “I’m eating a far more plant-based diet. Less processed food. Thinking … not in terms of calories but in terms of what happens to my well-being.”

That is the beauty of a low-fat, vegan diet: Greater overall well-being without thinking about counting calories or portion sizes. My colleagues and I have designed clinical trials to prove it.

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I wish Oprah healthy weight loss success. I know that Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss can help you (and Oprah) to create a large amount of no desires for the foods that make you fat and sick and create a healthy desire for the whole grain plant based foods that make you slender and healthy. Isn’t it a time to put an end to yo-yo dieting? No matter where you may live, Weight loss hypnosis can help you to be Slender For Life™. Call or email me now.

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