I was reading about website optimization again the other day and it got me to thinking about the Greatest Expression of You process.

Merriam Webster defines optimization as an act, process, or methodology of making something as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. It’s the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.

Now that’s cool! Think about it – being your Best Self, you are most effective in your life.


Best and most creative self

Many of my clients work in high-stress environments. Often they are tech workers or are leaders of multifaceted projects in huge organizations. This last week, a client shared with me that she discovered that when she is stressed, she can use her self-hypnosis and use her Greatest Expression as her hypnotic suggestion.

She went on to say that the stressors are all still there when she opens her eyelids, but she is calm and focused and able to have the clarity to resolve the challenges before her.

This person leads a large team of people who are working on a big and important project with team members in several countries. This week there was a “crisis” with the project that had to have immediate resolution. Team members were anxious and stuck.

Being a great leader, she called the team together. Some of the team were in the conference room and others were online for the meeting. She started the meeting having the team members close their eyes and focus on their breath.

She then asked them to imagine being their best and most creative self. Next, she had them recall times when they were wildly creative and successful.

Then she told them that when they opened their eyes, they would collectively have the solution to the challenge before them. She was having them optimize their minds and emotions.

Sure enough, when they opened their eyes it was a totally different team. Prior to the team meeting, everyone was focused on what was wrong and how they were going to fail.

Now, they were no longer mired in the quagmire, they starting discussing solutions. Within twenty minutes they left the room to work on pieces of the puzzle and within two hours the team had the problem solved.

Positive thinking

I was reminded of an article by Mayo Clinic, Positive thinking: Stop negative self-talk to reduce stress. This article is about seeing the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.

This article says that “If the thoughts that run through your head are mostly negative, your outlook on life is more likely pessimistic. When your state of mind is generally optimistic, you’re better able to handle everyday stress in a more constructive way.”

The team’s negative thinking focused them on why it would fail. When they focused on being their best and most creative self, they were able to optimize and find an effective solution.

Is your glass half full or is it half empty? Are you stuck in the problems that life presents or are you optimizing your thoughts and emotions so that you are being most effective in your life?

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I optimize my thoughts and emotions so that I am most effective in my life.

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