Is That Orange Juice Good For YouI was reminded of today’s blast from the past post, Is That Orange Juice Good For You? by a Seattle weight loss hypnosis client who told me that he had just read it. I have to tell you that I was impressed and excited that he had gone Hypnosis Health Info to look for nutritional information. Here, there are more than 2100 blog posts and 335 pages of wealth and wellness information and more than 1800 health affirmations available for you.

I was impressed that this hypnosis weight loss client decided to investigate the health merits of drinking juices and excited that he thought enough of Hypnosis Health Info to use this as one of his sources of investigation. What did he find? A post from November 28, 2009.

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Orange juice may not be so good for you so I invite you to read all about it.

Read Is That Orange Juice Good For You?

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