Organic-milk-&-prostate-cancerI had all I could do to not interrupt a pair of Moms that were chatting near me on the ferry and tell them about organic milk and prostate cancer. These well intentioned and very caring Moms were talking about how their food budgets and that organic milk was consuming a large percentage of it. I heard them talk about their growing boys and their sports and the gallons of milk they drink.

I didn’t know these women, but their conversation saddened and frustrated me. The marketing by the powerful dairy and meat councils have promoted their products as essential health foods in schools for as long as I can remember. Those “Milk builds strong bones” posters that are plastered all over schools should be outlawed – such claims are  false, untrue and dangerous. Milk intake during adolescence may be particularly risky in terms of potentially setting one up for prostate cancer later in life. And, milk certainly doesn’t build strong bones!

Organic Milk and Prostate Cancer, Michael Greger, M.D., February 17, 2015: Researchers have expressed concern that since cow’s milk contains estrogens, dairy could stimulate the growth of hormone-sensitive tumors. The thought is that the consumption of dairy products could both “promote the conversion of precancerous lesions or mutated cells to invasive cancer and enhance the progression of hormone-dependent tumors.”

A recent study from Clemson University represents the other extreme, controlling for as many factors as possible by isolating prostate cancer cells out of the body in a petri dish and dripping cow milk on them directly. The researchers chose organic cow’s milk, because they wanted to exclude the effect of added hormones so that they could test the effect of all the growth hormones and sex steroids found naturally in milk.

They found that cow’s milk stimulated the growth of human prostate cancer cells in each of 14 separate experiments, producing an average increase in cancer growth rate of over 30%. In contrast, almond milk suppressed the growth of these cancer cells by over 30%.

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There are many excellent non-dairy milk choices now that it is really easy to find one that you like – often when people switch from cow’s milk I hear that they actually prefer almond, rice or hemp milk over cow’s milk.

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