Overcome fear of water hypnosis MP3 downloadOvercome Fear of Water is this weeks hypnosis MP3 download from the Hypnosis Health Info Store. I chose this hypnosis recording after feedback I received from someone who had used it to become more comfortable playing in the water with her children on a Maui beach. Fear of water could be said to be one of the more natural fears, or phobias. Like fear of heights, water is something to be treated with respect. If you have a fear of water, visit me in my Bainbridge hypnosis, Seattle hypnosis offices or online via Skype and learn hypnosis to re-educate your unconscious mind to relax around water.

Overcome Fear of Water

Any fear response is a learned response that can be ‘unlearned’. Hypnosis can gently and enjoyably teach your mind to be comfortable around and in water. Of course, you will maintain a healthy respect for water, but the old overwhelming fear will be gone.

Download Overcome Fear of Water today and experience the freedom that comes with being able to swim and play with your kids, or enjoy the sea on vacation.

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Overwhelming anxiety around water can make enjoyment of vacations and sports very difficult indeed. You can learn hypnosis and create the freedom in your mind to overcome your fears.

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I welcome freedom into my mind.

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