The Best Antidepressant

I love this story! Ida Keeling is a 100 year old woman who still runs the 60 and 100-meter dash. This is a story of resilience and over coming depression that resulted from tragedy.

After the death of her sons, she fell into a deep depression, her health began to falter. Her blood pressure shot up, along with her heart rate. Her daughter go her onto the track and Ms. Keeling felt free.

Ms. Keeling tells us to get up and do things even if you don’t feel like it. What sage advice.

Research shows that aerobic activity is an effective treatment for many forms of depression. Some scholars say that cardio activity outperforms any antidepressant on the market.

Hypnosis for Depression

As a counseling intern in 1996, I first began using hypnosis for depression with clients. At first I was amazed at the positive results people reported back to me. Since then, I have come to expect positive results when clients use the self-hypnosis for depression tools that I teach them.

Today, my Becoming the Greatest Expression of You process is helping people formerly living with depression to memorize being joyful. When you are in a state of joy, you simply can’t be in the black hole of depression.

Thirty years ago when I was labeled clinically depressed, I sure wish I had known the healing power of hypnosis and that I had a process like Becoming the Greatest Expression of You to use.

Had I known back then about healthy plant-based eating and hypnosis for exercise, I might not have entered into that depression.

If you’re living with depression or just want to get off the couch and be more active are get the foods that make you fat and sick out of your life, hypnosis help is here for you. You too can get up and do things!

Running gives Ms. Keeling a sense of serenity.

At 100, Still Running for Her Life

The New York Times,
Noah Remnick April 22, 2016:

“As Ms. Keeling fell into a deep depression, her health began to falter. Her blood pressure shot up, along with her heart rate. The image of her once-vital mother in such despair shook the younger Ms. Keeling. A lifelong track-and-field athlete whose trophies fill an entire room of her apartment, she intervened with the means of healing most familiar to her: running.

“Good Lord, I thought that race was never going to end, but afterwards I felt free,” Ms. Keeling recalled. “I just threw off all of the bad memories, the aggravation, the stress.

Ms. Keeling adheres to a stringent regimen of diet. “I eat for nutrition, not for taste” she says. And she tells us that when it comes to exercise, she’s “got to get my hour in every day”.

She still does push-ups, wall sits, shoulder presses and sprints back and forth on the balcony of her apartment. Ms. Keeling lives alone and says that self-sufficiency is a key to her longevity.

“I don’t beg nobody for nothing,” she said. “I wash, cook, iron, scrub, clean, mop and shop.”

Read At 100, Still Running for Her Life

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I choose to get up and do things!

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