Overcoming Loneliness

At the beginning of this year UC San Diego published a study about overcoming loneliness with acceptance and wisdom. While this study is about seniors living in a senior housing community, a constant theme in several sessions each day with clients is the loneliness that they are experiencing because of the Coronavirus. Some people have told me that they have loosened up on social distancing and others have told me they are considering it.

I get it, like you, I too am missing time with family and friends. But, in this past week, our nation has witnessed what happens when masks are not worn and people are not social distancing. The result was super-spreader events that led to many people unnecessarily becoming ill. There are alternatives to careless and reckless behavior.

The article, Lonely in a Crowd, has some excellent wisdom that we call all draw upon. In particular, “if you’re feeling lonely, then go out and do something for somebody else.” Certainly, it is more challenging during a pandemic to do something for someone else, but I encourage you to use your wisdom and  your creative imagination and explore the possibilities available to you.

I’ve listed a few possibilities, I’d love to know your ideas so please post them in the comment section below.

Overcoming Loneliness

Here are a few thoughts on you what you can safely do:

  • Mail handwritten notes to family and friends
  • Make homemade jam and leave a jar on each doorstep in you block
  • Anonymously order a bag of groceries to be delivered to a friend, family member, or the neighbor that you’ve never met that lives next door
  • Check on seniors that lives in your neighborhood and be sure that they are OK
  • When you leave your home, always wear a mask and be sure to social distance

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Lonely in a Crowd: Overcoming Loneliness with Acceptance and Wisdom

By Michelle Brubaker

The research team also found that wisdom, including compassion, seemed to be a factor that prevented loneliness. “One participant spoke of a technique she had used for years, saying ‘if you’re feeling lonely, then go out and do something for somebody else.’ That’s proactive,” said Jeste. Other protective factors were acceptance of aging and comfort with being alone. “One resident told us, ‘I’ve accepted the aging process. I’m not afraid of it. I used to climb mountains. I want to keep moving, even if I have to crawl. I have to be realistic about getting older, but I consider and accept life as a transition,’” Jeste noted. “Another resident responded, ‘I may feel alone, but that doesn’t mean I’m lonely. I’m proud I can live by myself.’”

Read Lonely in a Crowd: Overcoming Loneliness with Acceptance and Wisdom

Michelle Brubaker

UC San Diego News Center

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