Research shows that overeaters and obese individuals may have a weaker reward circuitry. This means that it takes more to get a hit of happy. In other words, it may take a binge to “feel good.” Is this a cause of, or an effect of, consuming a poor quality diet? Or, is America’s hyper-palatable diet rewiring our brains? Food manufacturers manufacture processed food with high concentration of rewarding ingredients that may act as psychoactive agents. When whole foods are processed, refined and concentrated, large quantities of them may lead some people to compulsively seek and consume them. Much as classic drugs of abuse highjack the brain, accumulating evidence suggests that chronic consumption of refined, highly palatable foods can have a similar impact, but with weaker effects.
Using hypnosis you can change your desires for these hyper-palatable unnatural foods effectively rewiring your brain to a more healthy state. At Slender For Life™ clients learn to strengthen their reward circuitry with hypnosis.

Biggest Loser ~ Health First Fitness ~ Forks, WA

I again had the honor on Sunday, February 5, to meet with about 30 women in the Biggest Loser Program at the Forks Health First Fitness. All combined, this group lost over 340 pounds in the first month! It was interesting to me that the women who released the most weight were the ones most actively involved and most closely followed my recommendations. By using self-hypnosis, reading Becoming Slender For Life, eating a plant based diet and exercising, they are effectively overcoming the “weaker reward circuitry” and find pleasure in healthy ways.

A Slender For Life™ client recently shared with me that she now starts her day with the question, “How will you feed yourself today?” So, how will you feed yourself today? Physically: Will you try to get your hit of happy through junk food and processed food or will you eat vegetables, whole grains and fruit? Mentally: Will you watch mind numbing TV or actively engage your mind in stimulating conversation or learning about some topic that interests you? Emotionally: If you are stressed, bored, angry or lonely will you lose yourself in a box of chocolates, a block of cheese or a bag of chips or share your emotions honestly and vulnerably with someone you love? Spiritually: Will you fill yourself up with a tub of ice cream or find joy by expressing gratitude for all the blessings in your life?

What do you think – do overeaters have a weaker reward circuitry? Is it that overeaters are born this way or is it that overeaters are victims of the food they eat? My hunch, it’s a combination of both. But here is the deal, we don’t have to be victims! We can change how we feed ourselves. And, hypnosis for weight loss is the perfect tool to make the changes last a life time.

You can learn hypnosis and strengthen your reward system. Discover that you have a healthy craving for vegetables. You may realize that you can’t remember the last time you had the TV on because you were too interested in feeding your brain with learning. You might find yourself having closer relationships that fill your heart and you may even discover your soul is happy and overflowing with life’s abundance.

How will you feed yourself today?
Please comment below, I’d love to hear about it.

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Today I feed myself with love.

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