Overweight kids risk having high blood pressure now – not just later on in life, but now. Being overweight, not just obese, can cause damage to the heart, blood vessels and kidneys. Childhood obesity is for the most part preventable and from my perspective it is unconscionable that in 2011 we are feeding our kids high fat, high sugar, processed food and beverages. As a nation we cannot afford the rising healthcare costs. Our children today have a shorter life expectancy than my generation. To me, that is wrong – even criminal. We must have healthcare reform. We cannot continue eating at fast food restaurants or eating mac n’ cheese at home. Putting an end to childhood obesity has to be a family affair. Set an example for your children by being physically active with them and by eating healthy plant-based meals.  At Slender For Life™ I offer real weight loss hypnosis solutions that work. Please, don’t wait any longer to do something about your health and the health of your children.

Overweight Kids Risk High Blood Pressure

WebMD Health News, October 3, 2011: Children who are overweight compared to their peers are nearly three times more likely to have high blood pressure, a new study shows.

The study also found that extra pounds are especially dangerous for kids who are already big. For an overweight and obese child, if you increase your BMI [body mass index] percentile a little bit, that would increase your blood pressure strongly. In the same way, for just a little bit of weight loss you could benefit greatly in terms of blood pressure.

Pediatricians say the study is wake-up call. We’ve tended to look at the overweight category as a lower-risk category. This suggests that we really need to worry about kids who are in that overweight category. Other experts say the findings are concerning because having high blood pressure has been shown to set kids up for health complications.

Not only are children with high blood pressure much more likely to turn into adults who have high blood pressure, but newer studies have shown that kids can get the same kinds of organ damage — to the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys — that doctors once thought was only a problem for adults with the condition.

One study even found that kids with high blood pressure have subtle changes in the brain area that controls attention, problem solving, and working memory. So it’s not going to be a risk that’s going to be in the future. It’s a risk that’s now. It jacks up the concern about preventing childhood obesity and also not waiting until they are obese.

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Kids are naturals at hypnosis and as I have said previously, I think self-hypnosis should be taught to children in preschool and throughout their school years. If you have children who are overweight, show them that you love them by making weight loss a family affair and setting an example of health. As parents, you must eat healthy plant-based food and exercise. Involve your children in preparing healthy meals and be physically active together. Weight loss hypnosis can make the difference for you and for your children.

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