If you are concerned that your overweight teens are headed for adult health problems, you should be! And the good news is that teens can easily lose weight with hypnosis. Teens quickly learn how to hypnotize themselves with self-hypnosis and not only can they diet with hypnosis, they can improve their grades and enhance their sports and stage performance. And here on Hypnosis Health Info are free hypnosis download therapies to put on your MP3 player.

People who were obese or overweight in adolescence were found to be three to four times as likely to have died of heart disease by middle age as compared with their thinner peers, according to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology. According to the study, overweight teens are more than two to three times more likely to die from colon cancer or respiratory disease later in life. Women in the highest BMI category were at increased risk of death from cervical cancer, and both sexes were at increased risk for sudden death.

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I provide healthy and nutritious meals for my child’s future.

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