Here is another reason why we need healthcare reform: Overweight unfit military recruits are having more injuries than previous generations. There has been some blame put on today’s additional backpack weight but the army says that new recruits are having increased injuries even prior to training with the gear. In the Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™, I know that healthcare reforms begins with each of us taking responsibility for our own healthcare. It should not have to be up to a government agency or a medical doctor to tell us that we are fat and need to lose weight and exercise in order to be healthy. Let’s each of us be responsible for reforming our own healthcare. How? Eat a plant-based diet, exercise and use self-hypnosis.

Army Chief Faults Unfit Recruits For Injuries

Wednesday, May 18 2011, Reuters: U.S. Army recruits have had poorer diets and are less fit than past generations, making them more prone to injury from heavier loads lugged in combat, its top general told a Senate panel on Wednesday.

“It’s really the generation of Americans that have this problem,” said Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey. “But it’s exacerbated by the load we ask them to bear.”

He singled out poor eating habits plus carbonated drinks as a contributing factor to “musculoskeletal” injuries that have been a leading cause of U.S. medical evacuations from Iraq and Afghanistan. Such injuries typically include fractures, tendinitis and connective tissue disorders but not combat injuries.

But part of the problem “is that young men and women coming in the army today are not as fit or as skeletally sound as soldiers of the past. “Even in basic training, before we load the soldier with the gear that eventually they will have to learn to bear, we have these same kind of musculoskeletal injuries,” Dempsey said.

Musculoskeletal injuries had risen ten-fold in the last four years and the cost of related disability benefits was topping $500 million a year.

Read Army Chief Faults Unfit Recruits For Injuries

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