Being in overwhelm or being mindful is a choice. We literally get to choose how we respond to the events that life present for us. This past 10 days have been challenging and stressful. And, yes, at moments, overwhelming. My wife had a spinal fusion (her second) on July 23 and spent 4 days in the hospital before being moved to rehab. I have spent a significant amount of my time in the hospital with her and commuting between Bainbridge Island and Seattle. In addition I have seen a few clients, tried to keep up on office work and handled everything at home and in the yard by myself. On the ferry ride back to the Island on Sunday I started thinking of everything I had to do. I began to stockpile my to do’s. As I thought about the yard work I thought about how beautiful it is and about how relaxing it is for me to work in the yard. I used the Stress Reduction Response, I thought Orange Blossom and then I used the Light Switch Self hypnosis and became mindful. I was able to put things back into perspective and was able to know that “I am OK.” I have so much to be thankful for. My wife was progressing well in rehab in preparation to coming home. You to can learn how to hypnotize yourself and learn other mindfulness tools so that you can breathe and let go.

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It really is a choice to be overwhelmed or to be OK. With mindfulness tools like self hypnosis it can be easy to choose out of overwhelm where you are focusing on everything you need to do and choose into knowing that you are OK and focus on what needs to be done next. With the tools here at Hypnosis Health Info you can learn how to hypnotize yourself and choose to be mindful.

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In this moment I breathe, I let go, and I know that I am OK.

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