Chronic back pain can have a major impact on your emotions. How well you cope with your low back pain, and whether you get the right treatment for the physical and emotional impacts of it, will determine whether you control your pain — or it controls you. Low back pain can be more than just physical. It can have a profound effect on your mood, and just about every other part of your life. Chronic pain is something that interferes with every aspect of daily living. You can’t concentrate — you can’t remember things as well. It affects your appetite, it affects your sleep. Pain is more than just unpleasant sensations traveling through your nervous system. It also involves your perception, feelings, and thoughts. The worse you think your pain will be — the worse it feels. Self-hypnosis can help you change your perception of the pain so that you can fee better. Learn hypnosis to alleviate the stress and suffering of back pain.

Emotional Aspects of Low Back Pain

The physical and emotional toll of living in constant pain leads nearly a third of people with chronic pain to become clinically depressed. About 75% of people who are being treated for depression report physical symptoms, including pain. If pain can lead to emotional distress, the reverse is also true. The more trouble you have dealing with stress, the more likely you are to experience pain. In one small study, patients who were under mental distress or who had chronic pain (not in the lower back) were three times more likely to develop low back pain than those who had better coping skills.

Stress and pain can turn into an inescapable cycle. You’re in pain, so you feel stressed and anxious. Stress can cause your muscles to tense up, which ratchets up the pain even more. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and biofeedback can teach you how to ease the muscle tension that’s contributing to your low back pain. Your doctor may also prescribe medications to relive pain, help you sleep, or ease your depression and anxiety.

It’s important to keep not only your body — but also your mind active. We know that distraction is really important. If it’s nothing but you and the pain and the four walls, your pain can loom pretty large. Keep your mind occupied — that does help people cope with the condition. Get together with friends, go to the movies or a show, or take a walk outside to keep your mind off your pain.

Read Emotional Aspects of Low Back Pain

Would you like to change your perception of pain? Who wouldn’t! Well, you easily can with self-hypnosis. You too can easily learn hypnosis and support your body.

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