Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland are the medical hypnotists that were here in Seattle for Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control. A hypnosis professional can help you take the unnecessary suffering out of pain.  Pain is the signal, the sensation. The nerve activity is called Noinception. Suffering is the persons “unconscious reaction to the signal,” the perception, the actual experience (which we can change). Our painful experiences are mediated by our minds and brains. Hypnosis can help you provide improvements that can change your life and increase the fun and quality of life. Michael says that “Self-hypnosis is a wonderful adjunct to your pain management program often making it possible to reduce the dosage of the treatment you are taking and perhaps even eliminate the need for medications.” You can now own the Ellner and Sandland Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control 6 DVD set and Training Manual.

Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control

with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland

THIS 6 DVD SET TEACHES YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW …about the medical and pain control applications of hypnosis.

This video course, taught by two industry leaders in pain control via hypnotherapy, explains and demonstrates the insights necessary to understand and apply medical hypnosis.

THREE DAY CLASS IN SEATTLE attended by some of the top names in the
industry. Questions and insights from attendees got to the crux of issues seen in
pain clinics and doctors’ offices every day.

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Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control
with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland

Ellner says, “Once you learn self-hypnosis you never have to worry about running out of batteries.” It will always be there for you – wherever you are. The Seattle Master Class, a once in a lifetime event with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland is now available as a 6 DVD set with an ebook Training Manual. Purchase your opportunity to learn from these two giants in hypnosis pain control.

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