Parkinson’s Resource Organization Giving Tuesday

December 3, is the Parkinson’s Resource Organization Giving Tuesday. This is your opportunity to give to this valued and greatly needed non-for-profit organization.

Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for families and individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease by providing education, support, information, and referral services. Our Mission: To work so that no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s disease.

PRO serves thousands of people with just 3 staff and with the help of volunteers. The administrative overhead is very low at PRO so your donation will primarily be used to benefit people living with Parkinson’s.

I’ve witnessed enough to know that the staff at PRO are committed.

Parkinson’s Resource Organization Giving Tuesday

PRO Wellness Village

The PRO Wellness Village is a curated and well-considered directory of resources so you can find all the professional assistance or innovative products you may want or need at any stage of your Parkinson’s journey.

Each listing is screened and included only when PRO is confident they bring the necessary expertise, interest, and passion for Parkinson’s patients and the movement disorder field.

One of the goals of PRO is to contribute to a higher “quality of life.” And because they realize that time is precious for a person with Parkinson’s, their caregivers, and their families so having thousands of resources in one place eases the burden of searching multiple locations.

Click the button for the PRO Wellness Village.

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