Stress eating was part of my life”  says Slender For Life™ weight loss coach Pat Sonnenstuhl of Olympia, Washington. “These days, thanks to Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis, I focus on listening to what folks are saying, eating slowly, putting my fork down while eating, and eating only one plate of food per meal. In 2009, I lost 40 pounds with Slender For Life™ and I have maintained that weight loss for over a year.”

In the process of releasing 40 pounds, I developed a few personal techniques:

1. Recognized the significance of stress in my life. I developed tools to decrease my stress in the moment of trance eating, and in life in general.

2. Recognized that there are no ‘bad foods’ but there are unhealthy foods, and trigger foods. My two trigger foods are pasta and almonds. So, I limit my pasta to occasional, and my almonds to infrequently. I find other ways to comfort myself that don’t involve food!

3. Fill my diet with healthy vegetables and foods that feel right for me. (I took out the corn & peas – I didn’t want to suggest that no one should eat them – is that OK?)

4. Continue to enjoy eating meals with friends, but choose healthy meals, limit myself to one plate at a pot luck, and eat more slowly. This allows me to really enjoy what I am eating and tasting. I focus on enjoying people vs eating lots of food and feeling stuffed.

5. Use the scale as a guide, not a weapon. By this I mean seeing the weight for what it is…simply a number.

6. Developed a positive approach to life and food, repeating self-hypnosis suggestions frequently, to remind myself that I am doing well.

Pat Sonnenstuhl Before Slender For Life™ Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Pat Sonnenstuhl Before Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss

I have been in the health field for almost 50 years, starting out in nursing, and now offering hypnotherapy services. In the 1980s I became a nurse midwife and provided woman’s health care for over 20 years. I have been a HypnoBirthing educator for 10 years. Women have peaceful and calm births using these techniques.

Currently I have an office in West Olympia, and provide a wide variety of hypnosis services including Medical Hypnotherapy for such conditions as Irritable Bowel, cancer, smoking cessation, stress reduction, pain management and preparation for surgery. I provide caring and individualized services. And, with my health background and passion for healthy lifestyle choices, I bring sensitive understanding of specific medical conditions and I highlight the impact of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system on health.

I especially appreciate working with clients wishing to lose weight using Slender For Life™. The variety of techniques and the quality of the hypnosis CDs and other materials provided, helps individuals break their food trance. With Slender For Life™ you can feel free from the diet mentality that has so permeated our society.

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I appreciate the wonderful journey I am on towards continued health and wellness.

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