I’m  getting on an airplane today to fly to Colorado to help my parents with their move and it got me to thinking about what Lori Andrews wrote in the June 29, 2008 Parade Magazine that “as summer vacations begin, some passengers on Southwest Airlines will be pulled aside and, because of their weight, asked to buy a second ticket. This controversial policy pits the commercial interests of the airline against the dignity of overweight fliers and raises the issue of whether anti-discrimination laws should be applied to obese people. For Southwest, a plane ticket is like real estate: You get only the space you pay for. (Passengers must buy an extra ticket if their girth prevents them from lowering the armrest that divides the seats.”

Wow – this policy sure raises ethical issues. I know I have been uncomfortable on an airplane when the large person next to me had to have the arm rest up between us and was sitting partially on my seat. But charge extra – I don’t know. Would that mean I’d get a discount since I only use part of my seat? Personally, I have a hard time with this one. Should the American Disabilities Act apply to overweight people? (I did a quick Google check – looks like the courts aren’t supporting applying ADA to obesity.

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What do you think? Should obese fliers buy two seats? I’d love to hear your opinion on this. You can also go to Parade.com/intel and cast your vote. Let me know how you voted.

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