Doulas to help them die

People are hiring doulas to help them die around the world. One of the highlights of 2018 for me was hosting Suzanne B. O’Brien, R.N., in Seattle for the Doulagivers Certified End-of-Life Doula Training.

The training that I received was a valuable gift for me in the final months of my Mom’s life. Prior to her death, we were able to talk openly about death and life. Mom was happy that I asked about what she wanted for her funeral. The first thing she said is that she wanted it to be a celebration of her life.

Mom picked out her songs and Bible passages, who she wanted as the minister, where she wanted the service, her pall bearers and a charity that she wanted donations sent to in lieu of flowers.

We met with her attorney and made sure that her will was up-to-date and handled other legal matters. I did the research for palliative and hospice care. I found a not-for-profit agency that offered both services and had them come out for a family interview.

Over the next couple of months, palliative care was out to check on Mom and to make sure she was comfortable. Within hours of her cardiac event, hospice was was out with a hospital bed and the hospice services began.

My Doulagivers training was a godsend for Mom and our family. If you or someone in your family is nearing the end-of-life, I encourage you to consider using the services of a Death Doula.

Doulas to help them die

People are hiring doulas to help them die

“Doulas who aid women in giving birth have been trendy for years, but now a different type of support person is helping people navigate life’s other major passage. Dying people and their loved ones are hiring death doulas to help them coordinate end-of-life care and vigils, plan funerals and provide a sympathetic but unattached ear.

The profession first came into being in the early aughts and is growing increasingly popular. In 2014, Suzanne O’Brien launched the New York City-based Doulagivers, an online training program for death doulas.”

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Molly Shea

New York Post

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