To-Perfect-Our-Loving-Frankie-PerezTo Perfect Our Loving by my colleague and friend, Frankie Perez is is my Valentine’s Day gift to you and this weeks reading from the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. I particularly love the lines, “Every moment brings with it the gift of a new beginning.  Every moment is an opportunity to choose again.” Life is a stage and you can either continue reading from and acting out the same old script that you have used for far too long, or you can choose to be the creator of your life and choose to write a new script based on this moment and act out a new way of being. Mindfulness based self hypnosis can help you live your new script.

To Perfect Our Loving

Every moment brings with it the gift of a new beginning. Every moment is an opportunity to choose again. While we have no control over anything that happens to us or how people treat us, we do have control over how we choose to react. So when someone has, as Dr. Howard Thurman says, “done violence to my self-respect and decent regard”, we have the choice of hardening our hearts even more, or take the risk of keeping it open and vulnerable. We have the choice to choose fear or to choose love; to be the scorpion or to be the monk.

Ultimately, this is the lesson inherent in every relationship. We are here to perfect our loving. We are here to get better at love. We are here to learn how to love more deeply, more purely, more passionately, and with more abandon.

Our reward for giving love is getting love, since to receive something we must first give it.

It all begins with a singular intention – to perfect our loving. ~ Frankie Perez

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A loving healthy relationship with someone else begins with a healthy loving relationship with yourself. If you loved yourself more deeply, more purely, more passionately and with more abandon, who wold you be? How would you live? How would you love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I love myself deeply, purely, passionately and with abandon!

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