Studies repeatedly show that hypnosis is a powerful tool for persons successful at long-term weight loss. Weight loss hypnosis not only can help you lose weight and change your diet, it can help you maintain your ideal weight and enhance your health and wellness.Learn how to hypnotize yourself with self-hypnosis and make positive changes in your life. Use my free hypnosis MP3 for relaxation.

According to a recently published article from the National Weight Control Registry, “Persons Successful At Long-Term Weight Loss And Maintenance Continue To Consume A Low-Energy, Low-Fat Diet,” people who consume a low-fat diet is one of the best predictors of long-term weight loss maintenance. Members of the National Weight Control Registry had significantly lower total energy intake and percent energy from fat than the representative sample of the U.S. population. These findings are important because they indicate that successful weight losers should continue to eat a reduced calorie, low-fat diet in order to maintain their weight loss.

Studies show that hypnosis is over 30 times as effective for weight loss. You can learn how to hypnotize yourself with the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique.

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I am worthy of maintaining my ideal weight.

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