Are you ready for a new perspective on your chronic painBruce Singer, Psy.D., offers you a new perspective on your chronic pain. Think about the moments when you forget about your chronic pain. Perhaps its when a grandchild makes you laugh or you are wrapped up in your favorite TV show and you are unaware of your pain. Singer refers to these moments as “black duck” moments – those times you don’t think about your pain. In my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis offices I teach you the mindfulness based pain control skills so that you can remember to forget about discomfort. If you live too far away from Puget Sound, internet coaching is available so that you too can create this change of perspective.

Is Cognitive Distortion a Significant Factor in Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Are you ready to become a farmer of black ducks? Watch this video:

Click here to watch Part 3: Putting a Perspective on Pain

Think about your little toe on your left foot. Most likely, you weren’t thinking about it until I called it to your attention. Its like you had forgotten that you even had a little toe. This change of perspective is possible with even the most severe chronic pain. You too can learn to forget about pain using mindfulness pain control tools.

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Today I am so thankful for the possibility of change.

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