I feel a healing warmth is this weeks featured product and is my first Peyronie’s Disease hypnosis MP3 download. Peyronie’s (pay-row-NEEZ) disease is a serious health problem of unknown origin affecting the penis, characterized by the presence of a nodule of scar tissue, called a plaque, under the skin along the shaft of the penis.  Sometimes there is one plaque and other times there can be several, causing the penis to bend painfully, often leading to erectile dysfunction and impotence. You can find I feel a healing warmth and other hypnosis MP3 downloads in the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

I feel a healing warmth

I feel a healing warmth helps you bridge the communication between your subconscious mind and your body to enhance your healing.

Length: 4:06
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I feel a healing warmth throughout my body.

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