Thinking about using weight loss hypnosis for your New Year’s Resolution to diet? Hypnosis for Weight loss not only works to lose weight, but when you lose weight with hypnosis you can use self-hypnosis to maintain your healthy ideal weight.But wait, there’s more …. You can use hypnosis for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

You see, we are physical, mental emotional and spiritual beings. If we only approach weight loss (or any other behavioral change) on one or two of these levels, there may be some short term weight loss – but the chances of long term weight loss are slim (pardon the pun 😆 ). We really do have to approach any life change such as a diet or stop smoking from all four levels.

All to often spirituality is forgotten when it comes to weight loss, stopping smoking or other behavior change. According to the Annals of Epidemiology people who attend religious services tend to be healthier than the rest o f us. More specifically, weekly churchgoers have a lower risk of death than those who never set foot inside a place of worship.

The report came out earlier this year, but it’s only the latest in a series of studies exploring the link between health and spirituality. This research has found that prayer and meditation seem to be associated with improved immune systems and fewer episodes of chronic inflammation.

Not surprisingly, the benefits extend to mental health as well. People who identify themselves as more religious reveal lower rates of depression. A study reported in Journal of Affective Disorders (September 2008) showed lower suicide rates among people who regularly attend religious services.

You can use self hypnosis to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for your spiritual practice. Hypnotherapy is a great way to center yourself in yourself preparing your mind and your heart to receive.

Maybe having a more spiritual life should  be one of your New Year’s Resolutions. Tell me what you think.

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